Today’s pool party is sponsored by job rejection.

One of my favorite ways to remind myself to keep it light hearted is by bringing my problems to the pool party. While people might typically tell you to leave everything (your problems) at the door, I welcome you to bring literally every single one of your bags. “Oh she’s got so much baggage with her…” Well at least she is at a fucking pool party!

Am I really writing this from the pool? No. But as I sit here bleeding over the fact that the job I wanted was given to someone else, who might also need to make up in income for her dad’s recent dismissal from work, I must remember that I can still write for me and for the fun of it. So while my bag is labeled largely with the word “Job Rejection” inside my bag is full of my personal interests: things that I will still keep doing because I am me.

What is sponsoring your day? Unfortunately, today’s pool party at Piscina Pop is sponsored by job rejection. While I may head straight to the bar, it won’t keep me from hosting or bringing a really cute bag for that matter. Your sponsor today might be not be “Job Rejection” rather, “GOP screws it up on the floor” or “I Am A Bad Driver”, and you might find that the contents within your collective baggage, seem heavy for the label that society has put upon it. But the heaviness is worth its weight in gold because it is full of the things that make today’s you, you.


A Jacuzzi Party In The Rain

I discovered a new song yesterday called Flamingo by a band called Kero Kero Bonito and i loved it so much so, it made me want to burn a mixed CD. Oh the daysss when that was popular- what fun. Sadly, unless you have stacks of itunes gift cards that you can use to legally download each and every song you need, you resort to making playlists.

Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito reminds me of being young and playing on my Sega Dreamcast with my brother.  The song is a video game, it is so silly. Next we have Grimes because she adds more hot pink to this “i am young doing what i can” theme at tonight’s jacuzzi party in the rain.

I added an aggregate of four songs before I remembered the XX came out with a new album on Friday the 13th that I HAD YET TO LISTEN TO.  Amazing how life can get in the way of your hobbies. Unless you are Sho Reist and just did not seek to listen to the new xx album. Actually, that is extreme- She did listen, just simply “[does] not vibe”…?!? Break my heart why dont you?!  Like when my other friend Katinka told me she does not care for Radiohead… Sobbing internally over that still.

Our closing hymn is ‘Test Me’ from the new xx album. It’s quiet and somber but holy moly the end is so obviously touched by Jamie xx, i just cannot NOT add it to a jacuzzi playlist. This is a song to zone out to the stars to. (While being in the jacuzzi lol). While the xx’s new album is quite appropriate for gloomy weather, exactly what we are having here in Seattle, this PLAYLIST is for jacuzzi parties in the rain. Enjoi ^__^

1. Flamingo by Kero Kero Bonito

2. Kill V. Maim by Grimes

3. Dangerous by The xx

4. Shut Up Kiss Me by Angel Olsen

5. Bambro Koyo Ganda by Bonobo

6. Test Me by The xx

Favorite Favorites

paris-je-taime-oufitIt has been a while since I have written. I have been feeling totally shitty the past couple of weeks, usually contingent with a crippling fear that I have of producing something that is not magnificent. And the more I dilute this, the more I think the fear stems from not being able to express myself authentically. I already know how totally time and energy wasting this mentality is because in not attempting, you already fail.  So, after going on a short walk today, during what is a quintessential October day with the sun shining and a prominent breeze undressing the trees, I feel compelled about going through what happened on a recent day where I decided to wear all of my favorite pieces in one outfit.

Everything just seemed to be going wrong and on this day I said to hell with this spoiled child mentality! I have truly nothing to complain about besides maybe nose-diving estrogen levels. I am seizing the day by throwing away any preconceived notions of what makes a presentable outfit by wearing my favorite shirt, my favorite pair of bottoms, my favorite jacket and my favorite shoes, and dismissing if any of it makes sense. When all else is failing, why not turn to your favorite favorites. At least my favorite jacket likes me :’).

Starting from the shoes up, I wore my black block heels that lace up the ankle. Super uncomfortable but only because I recently epiphanized the fact that maybe I was not actually a size 7 1/2 but instead, a magical 8. Whatever. Slightly uncomfortable but- to hell with that too! My favorite pants are nothing other than my hot pink ones from H&M. I am not a big fan of wearing pink but this color is the color of my light saber when I am just feeling monstrous. My favorite shirt is my Paris, Je t’aime white tee. The writing is in blue cursive with a big red heart and a blue Tour Eiffel to iconographically, say everything I am thinking when I am feeling lousy. I wish I was in Paris.

To keep me warm, I wore my furry, ivory varsity jacket. Hair went in a high bun and I said to hell with earrings too. I felt emotionally exposed, unable to shake off this lousiness and bearing my ears naked felt true to my core.

While there was no game changing moment the day I wore this outfit other than a couple compliments here and there about my favorite jacket, I felt like shocking people was okay. One of my favorite customers Nancy, called me a riot one time and on this day I felt it was exceptionally okay to be that. My outfit was loud, so I had every right to be totally blunt and unfiltered on this day. I was just truthfully, unapologetically myself regardless the discomfort that came when I refused to play off awkward moments. I did not pressure myself to act purely angelic or severely outgoing, just present with the rooted belief that there is no way I want to stray from being good to people and that is enough.


Flirting With Yourself


Blog post # idk. This one is about flirting with yourself and what that could mean to your outfit of the day.

From the beginning of time, I have said that there is no such thing as being “fashionable”. I have a vehement objection to that word because being fashionable is usually contingent upon wearing expensive labels when in reality, one could be wearing all the money in the world and still look like a basic biz. Please question anyone who uses that word unless their first language is not english…

The term that I prefer to use, and that will always be applicable at the pool is being STYYYLISHHHH or having style or being of de stijl *smirk emoji*. This will have to be a future story, but WHY is it that every swimsuit, when worn, is stylish???? You can seriously look at anyone at the pool and be like “Oh for sure, that suit was a good choice.”

To me, being stylish means that the person has personal style i.e. a sense of his/her own preferences when it came to deciding what s/he felt like wearing that day. I will push this along a little further and recommend that in figuring out what to wear, think of dressing as a way to flirt with yourself.  I am about to go to lunch with a good friend from work, her name is Kim, and since we are going to Pasta & Co I am obviously going to wear my gingham patterned cropped flare pants with matching gingham patterned espadrilles and a long, August temperature orange, ribbed, body-con, scoop neck dress over said pants.

In hindsight, I understand why I put together this outfit. Due to the following reasons, I also will claim to have flirted with myself in the process, thus seeking Style unique to the subjectivity that is my existence.

  1. Pasta & Co. is where modern day Déjeuner Sur L’herbe (a fave painting) went pre-photoshoot to get their picnic supplies.edouard_manet_-_luncheon_on_the_grass_-_google_art_project
  2. Gingham pattern is Déjeuner Sur L’herbe.
  3. If August was a color, it would be the flamboyantly brilliant hue in between Red and Orange. Red-Orange if you will.

I can for some reason, very level-headedly deduce these claims right now because having my outfit in place (on my body), I really intuitively recognize myself. In understanding the motive behind my outfit, I am confident in my attempts to flirt with number 1. And remember, YOU are no. 1 :–)

All in all, my outfit was a series of visual decisions. I began by staring at my closet aware of the time that I had to put something together. Do I have enough time to perform trial-and-error when deciding what to wear? Am I going to focalize one piece in my outfit and work around that?  Do I have an undeniable inkling to wear a certain pattern in accordance to the activities of the day? What am I even doing today and does the fact that today is National Watermelon Day require I dress even more-so like a picnic? Probably.

Alright… I hope this helps when deciding what to wear at today’s pool party.

Paulina audi 3000



In fair Mexicali where we lay our scene, my grandmother’s house will forever be the biggest mystery.  Every room seemed to terrify me as I wandered, equally mesmerized by the multitudinous wallpaper designs. Fifteen meters from the front door sat my favorite relief (inadvertently eponymous to Piscina Pop) the swimming pool. This pool hugged my Nani’s house so tightly. Enveloping it was a painted dolphin mural. It is where each of the 35 cousins had at least one birthday party. My brother’s included a magician.

Although covered by a huge outdoor roof, it is hard to ignore the rain at the pool on this day. Today marks the death of my grandmother and while I cannot help but envision the grayest picture at the empty swimming pool of my childhood, these are the rich indigo tiles that line the inside of my heart today and every day.

Jamie xx – Obvs

What is Piscina Pop?

Piscina Pop is a term devoted to the style that is swimming pool culture. Piscina Pop encompasses everything we love about a trip to the pool. Whether it be sporting chlorine-drenched hair or the trendiest of swimmys, or staring into the modularity of indigo tiles while innocently slurping on pool water, dreaming in the idea of an empty swimming pool now of use to the Z-boys, Piscina Pop presents a wide array of refreshing escapades. Piscina Pop is your digital dip in the pool during a haute summer afternoon.

The term “Piscina Pop” can be used in a variety of situations, all applicable on the daily. For example, when encountering a song you would play at your pool party, you can say, “Oh yes. This song is very Piscina Pop.”

AIGA ‘Woman Up’ Panel Discussion

On March 3rd, 2016, at 6:15 PM Pacific time, I was in the VIP Employees Only, back room of the dresses department at the Nordstrom in Bellevue, irresponsibly not doing my job.  Instead, beautiful iphone in hand, (RIP Steven) I concede to have been streaming the live feed of a small panel discussion hosted downtown by AIGA, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, Seattle.

The night’s discussion titled “Woman Up”, focused on the many facets in gender equity with a special look into how it affects women working in the field of design. The moderator of the discussion, Gina Davis, creative director at Pontaray, set varsity pace for the discussion by stating that no interest was held in dismissing the consistent presence of grey matter. Of course every topic covered, at the risk of sounding absolute, is always contextual. And at the risk of sounding Drakeonian myself, Nothing Was The Same for me after this discussion.

On the panel were five women holding positions of leadership serving as ideal creative models for companies such as Microsoft, Teague, Hum Creative, Jackson Fish Market, and the prestigious Cornish College of the Arts. Shamelessly, I screen-grabbed a shot on my iphone of one of you speaking so that I could remind the little light of mine to channel her inner Woman Up panelist when times get tough.

Lets dive in, shall we?

100 years ago, American women won the right to vote. In 2014, women working full time were paid just 79 cents to the man’s dollar. In 2016, 87% of private equity funding goes to exclusively male teams while the opposing 13% may just be the minority thanks to the female COO alongside its male CEO. And internationally speaking, Saudi Arabian women won the right to vote, just this year. What the actual fuck.

Preceding these minor details of the night……….. the discussion garnered light on the importance of mentorship. In living our own brand that is our persona, the concept of appointing our personal board of directors was stressed, which brought about the question of when someone feels ready to become a mentor.  As women, in order to continue making strides towards gender equity, the act of frequently communicating our goals to those around us, was established as a simple action we can be more conscious of taking.

As the discussion progressed, both panelists and audience members found their hands calloused enough to hold onto hotter topics. While meriting a completely separate discussion itself, diversity in the workplace took the scene. If the pay gap is a disgrace between genders, it plunges for Women of Color. As we collectively hold our own selves accountable to fight for gender equity, our strides become more methodical.  Why is it, that in company X, I fail to see a single woman holding a position of leadership? How can my passion reflected in my emotions against such fatuity be constructed into calm and strategic discussion with the opposing side?

In attempts to pack the swiftest punches from the discussion into this piece, what I took to be the single most important moment of the night reverts to our beloved first woman to become the United States Secretary of State, Madeline Albright.

Always remember, “There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.”

Would it be wise to omit that from the signature in my e-mails? Or would it be genius to include it??

“Again, Thank you for your time.
All my best,
Paulina Alvarado Serrano
‘There is a special place in hell for women who do not help other women.’ -Madeline Albright “