Today’s pool party is sponsored by job rejection.

One of my favorite ways to remind myself to keep it light hearted is by bringing my problems to the pool party. While people might typically tell you to leave everything (your problems) at the door, I welcome you to bring literally every single one of your bags. “Oh she’s got so much baggage with her…” Well at least she is at a fucking pool party!

Am I really writing this from the pool? No. But as I sit here bleeding over the fact that the job I wanted was given to someone else, who might also need to make up in income for her dad’s recent dismissal from work, I must remember that I can still write for me and for the fun of it. So while my bag is labeled largely with the word “Job Rejection” inside my bag is full of my personal interests: things that I will still keep doing because I am me.

What is sponsoring your day? Unfortunately, today’s pool party at Piscina Pop is sponsored by job rejection. While I may head straight to the bar, it won’t keep me from hosting or bringing a really cute bag for that matter. Your sponsor today might be not be “Job Rejection” rather, “GOP screws it up on the floor” or “I Am A Bad Driver”, and you might find that the contents within your collective baggage, seem heavy for the label that society has put upon it. But the heaviness is worth its weight in gold because it is full of the things that make today’s you, you.


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