Flirting With Yourself


Blog post # idk. This one is about flirting with yourself and what that could mean to your outfit of the day.

From the beginning of time, I have said that there is no such thing as being “fashionable”. I have a vehement objection to that word because being fashionable is usually contingent upon wearing expensive labels when in reality, one could be wearing all the money in the world and still look like a basic biz. Please question anyone who uses that word unless their first language is not english…

The term that I prefer to use, and that will always be applicable at the pool is being STYYYLISHHHH or having style or being of de stijl *smirk emoji*. This will have to be a future story, but WHY is it that every swimsuit, when worn, is stylish???? You can seriously look at anyone at the pool and be like “Oh for sure, that suit was a good choice.”

To me, being stylish means that the person has personal style i.e. a sense of his/her own preferences when it came to deciding what s/he felt like wearing that day. I will push this along a little further and recommend that in figuring out what to wear, think of dressing as a way to flirt with yourself.  I am about to go to lunch with a good friend from work, her name is Kim, and since we are going to Pasta & Co I am obviously going to wear my gingham patterned cropped flare pants with matching gingham patterned espadrilles and a long, August temperature orange, ribbed, body-con, scoop neck dress over said pants.

In hindsight, I understand why I put together this outfit. Due to the following reasons, I also will claim to have flirted with myself in the process, thus seeking Style unique to the subjectivity that is my existence.

  1. Pasta & Co. is where modern day Déjeuner Sur L’herbe (a fave painting) went pre-photoshoot to get their picnic supplies.edouard_manet_-_luncheon_on_the_grass_-_google_art_project
  2. Gingham pattern is Déjeuner Sur L’herbe.
  3. If August was a color, it would be the flamboyantly brilliant hue in between Red and Orange. Red-Orange if you will.

I can for some reason, very level-headedly deduce these claims right now because having my outfit in place (on my body), I really intuitively recognize myself. In understanding the motive behind my outfit, I am confident in my attempts to flirt with number 1. And remember, YOU are no. 1 :–)

All in all, my outfit was a series of visual decisions. I began by staring at my closet aware of the time that I had to put something together. Do I have enough time to perform trial-and-error when deciding what to wear? Am I going to focalize one piece in my outfit and work around that?  Do I have an undeniable inkling to wear a certain pattern in accordance to the activities of the day? What am I even doing today and does the fact that today is National Watermelon Day require I dress even more-so like a picnic? Probably.

Alright… I hope this helps when deciding what to wear at today’s pool party.

Paulina audi 3000


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